Sustainable perspective

Sustainability in Molymet

In Molymet, sustainability is the basis on which we operate and make decisions every day, always taking into consideration social, environmental and economic aspects.

 Our sustainability focuses


Molymet is committed to managing its operations in a sustainable way, in accordance with the highest environmental standards, complying with the applicable laws and seeking to go one step up in environmental issues.


In Molymet, we consider social sustainability as a key pillar for the development of a responsible business. That is why we work towards maintaining a harmonious relationship with the community we operate in and contributing with innovative ideas that improves the quality of life of the community’s participants.


Our collaborators are Molymet’s core engine; thus, we always aim at providing a safe, inclusive and high-quality working environment where they can develop their potential, thanks to various inclusion, training and coaching opportunities.


Our suppliers are real allies for the company’s development; that is why we work towards maintaining close relationships of trust with them and, above all, based on clear proceedings and the commitment to timely meet their needs.


We constantly work towards building trust relationships with our different stakeholders through bonds based on permanent dialogue, cooperation and transparency.

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Policies in sustainability

Corporate Sustainability Policy

Corporate Sustainability Strategy

Stakeholders Relations

Human Rights

Policies in sustainability



Prevention of environment incident


Policies in sustainability

Climate change

Social Management and Community Relations

Occupational Health Safety

TAX Policy

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