Market development

The Market Development unit, dependent on the Commercial and Market Development Vice Presidency, promotes the search and analysis of new business opportunities. Through a collaborative work, both with internal and external groups, the market development area channels and allocates resources to those opportunities that can prove to be a benefit for Molymet and contribute to strengthening its position as a global leader.

Rhenium Market Development

It is of Molymet's interest the growth of the use rhenium in industrial applications, beyond its use in Nickel-based super alloys.

As the main supplier of this metal worldwide, Molymet is committed to contribute to the development of the rhenium market by supporting possible new end uses for this versatile metal and assuring researchers and users a long-term rhenium supply.

In line with the above, Molymet promotes the use of rhenium in applications inside and outside the established markets through its “Rhenium Market Development” program.

Metallic / Non-metallic Mining and Recycling

Molymet is geared towards diversification in defined strategic metals by seeking opportunities world-wide in cooperation with potential customers or partners that fit our capabilities.

Molymet considers the following metals as strategic for a potential market development: Vanadium, Tungsten, Niobium, Tantalum, Nickel, Cobalt, Copper and Lithium.

Arsenic removal technology

Based on its know-how and existing technology, Molymet has developed a process that allows for the selective removal and reduction of Arsenic and processing it into a stable solid.

Molymet aspires to market the use of this technology with potential partner/customers through mutually-beneficial business models.

Commercial Support

This pillar aims at identifying potential developments and/or optimizing the processes / products with an increased value to our customers.

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Molymet considers it is important to invest in the above-mentioned issues for the development of new markets and growth of the company.

For this purpose, Molymet has developed target criteria for the analysis of collaborative, associative or investment projects and also, for the acquisition or licensing of new technologies.

Our collaboration and investment criteria are:

  • Business in the Chemistry, Metallurgy and Materials Sciences area
  • Significant market position in one or more segments
  • Existing customer base

Criteria to attain acquisition or license of new technologies:

  • Development and/or optimization of processes
  • New products for our targeted market
  • Technologies that are at the laboratory level or a pilot plant seeking industrial scaling

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Rhenium Market Development Program

The goal of the Rhenium Market Development Program is to ensure that companies and individuals trying to develop and commercialize products that contain or may contain rhenium receive the appropriate support from Molymet. The support granted by the program consists of technical resources, security of long-term supply, price stability, capital and added value.

The scope of the program is global and seeks to identify the most attractive opportunities existing among students, entrepreneurs (start-up), universities, companies and laboratories, among others.

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