Molymet is a Chilean company with production facilities in four countries and commercial activity all over the world.

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Molymet’s worldwide contribution

We process 35% of the molybdenum and 70% of the rhenium worldwide

Highly resistant materials used in the infrastructure, construction and aeronautic industries, among others, are developed based on our products.

1,300 direct collaborators and approximately 3,500 indirect collaborators all around the world work every day in developing solutions to improve individuals's quality of life.

Proud of our origins

Although Molymet is nowadays present all over the world, the driving engine of our operations is located in Chile, where the company was founded.

We are part of the community, most of our collaborators come from the cities in which we operate.

Declared a Historical Conservation Property since 2006, the Casona along with Las Lilas Park are the most prominent places within the Molymet facilities in Chile.

Sustainable in nature

We reuse 70% of the water employed in our plants.

We achieved to make 92% of the plants’ waste inert.

We contribute to and develop innovative solutions for a more sustainable mining by reducing the quantity of arsenic in copper concentrates.

Company guided by its Purpose

Our purpose is to create value for the evolution of humanity, through products developed by people who think about the well-being of the planet.

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