Experiencia y Trayectoria                 22/03/2021
22/03/2021 | Experiencia y Trayectoria

Circular Economy: committed to Sustainability

In line with our purpose, our subsidiary Molynor, located in Mejillones, has completed a circular economy initiative linked to copper mining. Today

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Innovación y Tecnología

We promote and drive the development of rhenium in the industry

+ 22 Mar 2021


We value more than 100 tons of waste at Molynor

+ 22 Mar 2021

Marca Empleadora

Molymet, seeks to innovate in its commitment to renewable energies

+ 22 Mar 2021


We participate in an initiative to protect endangered species

+ 23 Feb 2021

Portada Destacadas

Molymet invertirá US$ 50 MM en tecnología medioambiental EN

+ 26 Nov 2019

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