MolymetNos, a plant which started operating in 1975 in Nos, San Bernardo, is the production facility with the highest processing capacity and the one that elaborates the widest variety of products.

The innovation and development that causes Molymet to lead the molybdenum and rhenium industry worldwide are born in MolymetNos’s laboratories.

This plant has a roasting capacity of 82 million pounds of molybdenum per year and a sophisticated environmental management system which ensures environmental care, respect and protection.

More than 1,000 people work at MolymetNos, 62% of which come from communities located near the plant.

Responsible Care®MolymetNos

Do you know what Responsible Care is?

Responsible Care® is the global initiative promoted by the International Council of Chemical Associations ICCA (International Council of Chemical Associations), to promote the sustainable development of the chemical industry.

Currently, as MolymetNos, we are in the process of verifying Responsible Conduct, which is annual and begins with the invitation to

associates to complete the Self-Assessment Questionnaire.

Some benefits of the Responsible Care Management System are:

•Allows the sharing of the best practices of the international industry, in order to improve performance, build trust in other relevant stakeholders and promote a culture of continuous improvement in health, safety, environment and relations with communities.

•Generates internal and external benefits by improving the performance of companies by reducing the accident rate and emissions.

•Creates new business opportunities by granting widely valued international internships developed for the chemical industry.

•Promotes work with the authorities when regulating the activities of the industry.

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