Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

Molymet’s corporate governance stands out not only because of the qualifications of the members of the Board of Directors, but also due to a staff driven by clear values defined in our corporate policies.

George Anastassiou Mustakis


Karlheinz Wex

Vice Chairman

Bernhard Schretter


Boris Buvinic Guerovich


Eduardo Guilisasti Gana


Hernán Cheyre Valenzuela


José Miguel Barriga Gianoli


Juan Manuel Gutiérrez Philippi


Luis Felipe Cerón


Raúl Álamos Letelier


Directors Committee

Karlheinz Wex

Vice Chairman

Luis Felipe Cerón


Raúl Álamos Letelier


The Directors Committee conducts the following activities and functions:

  • Examine the Financial Statements of the Company and reports of external auditors.
  • Propose external auditors and private risk classifiers to the Board of Directors.
  • Examine the background information relating to the operations referred to in Title XVI of Law 18,046.
  • Examine compensation systems and compensation plans for managers, senior executives and workers.
  • Prepare a report of their annual performance.

Staff of Executives

John Graell Moore

Chief Executive Officer

Claudia Avendaño Rozas

Vice President of Corporate Compliance and Risk

Edgar Pape Arellano

Vice President of America Operations

Godfried Van Schuylenbergh

Vice Presidency Europe Operations

Gonzalo Bascuñán Obach

Vice President of Commercial and Market Development

Gonzalo Concha Parada

Vice President of Engineering

Jorge Ramírez Gossler

Vice President of Corporate Administration and Finance

Juan Cristóbal Valenzuela Béjares

Vice President of Information

María Inés Gómez González

Vice Presidency of Corporate HR & Communication

Miguel Dunay Osses

Vice President of Corporate and Legal Affairs

Alfredo Ortega Terán

General Director – Molymex S.A. of C.V.

Braulio Cid Díaz

General Manager Molynor

Daniel Ureta Vial

General Manager – MolymetNos

Corporate Structure 2020

By-laws and Corporate policies

Molymet’s corporate governance is not only ruled by the applicable laws; the company’s behavior is also guided by essential values and principles and a strong sustainable perspective. Find out all our commitments:

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