Molybdenum and rhenium solutions for customers all over the world

With its production facilities and sales offices, Molymet manages to meet 30% of the molybdenum products demand all over the world within a highly technical and competitive market.

Nuestras Plantass

Global presence


Address: Camino a Nos Los Morros 66
City: San Bernardo

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Address: Av. Prolongación Longitudinal 6400
City: Mejillones

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Address: Carretera Moctezuma – Nacozari
City: Cumpas

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Address: Langerbruggekaai 13
City: Gent

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Address: Niels-Bohr-Str. 5

City: Bitterfeld

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Molymet Trading S.A. (Chile)

Address: Camino Nos a los Morros 66 Nos - San Bernardo Chile

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Molymet Corporation (Estados Unidos)

Address: 701 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1550, Miami FL 33131

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Molymet do Brasil (Brasil)

Address: Rua Amazonas 363, sala 43 São Caetano do Sul 

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Molymet Beijing TC (China)

Address: Lucky Tower No.3, North 3rd RE Road, Beijing 100027

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Molymet Services Ltd (Inglaterra)

Address: PO Box 1622, Woking, GU20 5AY, United Kingdom

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We get wherever we are required

In addition to our production facilities, we have sales offices in England, China, Brazil, USA and Chile to serve all our customers in a close and direct manner.


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