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Innovation is in Molymet’s DNA since it was founded and represents its strategic and permanent working line.

Molymet has become the leading molybdenum processor worldwide thanks to two core principles: supporting innovative ideas and building up teams exclusively devoted to that end.

Apart from developing new products and business lines, Molymet’s researchers have improved all our production processes, reaching the highest quality levels and reducing the environmental impact. Besides, they have boosted the mining industry towards meeting new environmental standards thanks to the development of methods whereby polluting processes involved in the treatment of minerals can be eliminated.


Native Molybdenite: committed to Chilean small-scale mining

The Native Molybdenite project, which is part of the most recent innovative ideas of Molymet’s R+D+i area, seeks to support Chilean small-scale mining by offering its participants the opportunity to sale molybdenum concentrates which, otherwise, would not be commercially taken into consideration.

The research team has also been a pioneer in the development of a safe process to remove Arsenic from copper whereby said impurities can be treated within the copper production, improving the applicable standards and strengthening environmental care.

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