We protect the environment

In order to protect the environment, we take care, preserve, reduce and reuse

In Molymet we are committed to sustainable development, which makes us adequately and systematically manage the effect our operations have on the environment. That is why we apply preventive measures that exceed national and international standards, in order to control, mitigate and minimize our environmental impact, pursuant to laws in force and our environmental commitments.

Water Protection


of the water used in the Molymet corporate building is reused in industries

Molymet’s water management is based on the operations of its Waste Water treatment plant, which aims at dealing with the effluents of production processes, and return water for industrial use, thus achieving a resource recycling of around 81%. We also have a plant for liquor treatment, which allows us to reuse 80% of industrial waste water in the plant’s own processes.

Emission Reduction


efficiency rate in the recovery of sulfur dioxide, preventing its emission into the atmosphere

Molymet is permanently making investments in order to minimize the emissions related to our operations. We have two gas treatment plants as well as a Continuous Emissions Monitoring System. We also have an Air Quality Monitoring System, which records the concentrations of particulate matter in the environment and monitors the closest surroundings through three stations around the plant. In addition, we measure our carbon print, particularly direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions, among other measurements.

Waste management


tons of waste recycled every year

At Molymet, we seek to manage waste generated in our operations appropriately, ensuring that they are treated properly in authorized places and in adequate conditions so they do not affect soil, water bodies, flora, fauna, o others. Therefore, we separate our waste depending on their origin, recycling those that may be reused; we value industrial materials such as lime and dross dust, which are later used as alternative materials in the cement and concrete industry; and, finally, a smaller share of waste is treated and disposed of at the locations provided by the environmental authority.

Flora and fauna protection


hectares of green areas are preserved by Molymet

Molymet is surrounded by 123 hectares of ecologically managed organic walnuts, which produce nuts free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Some vegetable species are also grown here, such as oats, vetches, fava beans and lupine, which help to balance the ecosystem, set the environmental levels of CO2 and return organic matter to the soil.

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