21 July 2021 Experiencia y Trayectoria

Molymet defines for environmental conservation 123 hectares inserted in the urban center of the commune

Through a Real Right of Environmental Conservation – a legal figure that seeks to promote the participation of the private sector in the conservation of Chile's environmental heritage – in Molymet we have allocated 123 hectares located in the middle of the urban area of ​​Nos, in the commune of San Bernardo, in order to maintain and preserve this green lung in the Metropolitan Region.
This initiative establishes the obligation to conserve the environmental heritage of the lands surrounding the MolymetNos facilities, being the first to be carried out in the San Bernardo commune, and which, in addition to its preservation, aims to promote the development of sustainable agriculture, through walnut trees and organic crops.
"Formally committing to the Royal Conservation Right demonstrates the responsibility we have with the environment and with our community, a biological corridor in the area," said Daniel Ureta, general manager of the Nos industrial complex.
In this way, in Molymet we continue taking relevant steps in terms of sustainability, being an essential value in our corporate purpose and strategy, which in this opportunity seeks to make tangible a benefit to the communities that surround us to continue maintaining and building a better planet for the future generations.