15 June 2021 Experiencia y Trayectoria

Molymet joined the H2 Chile association to promote the use of rhenium in the production of green hydrogen.

As of May 2021, we have become members of the Chilean Hydrogen Association (H2 Chile). This organization collaborates with public and private entities, academia and professionals interested in accelerating the transition towards clean energy systems and low carbon emissions and in particular in the development of “green” hydrogen.

Our decision to join H2 Chile stems from our interest in promoting the use of rhenium as a catalyst in the production of green hydrogen to replace the platinum group metals that are currently used. Along these lines, “rhenium has excellent electrocatalytic characteristics, its production is sustainable as it is a by-product of other processes, and fits well within the circular economy. Additionally, the current price of rhenium is 35 times less than that of platinum.” This is increasingly relevant given the current move to reduce the cost of electrolyzer systems and fuel cells in order to produce and use green hydrogen in a sustainable and competitive way,” said Mario Lama, market development manager and representative of Molymet in the Chilean Hydrogen Association.

As a company, we hope that our participation in this association will contribute to decarbonization in Chile and in world economies. The end goal is to highlight the importance and advantages of rhenium in generating renewable energies and contributing to a sustainable energy model. As the main global suppliers of this metal, and Chile as the country with the largest reserves, Molymet will take part in the technical and regulatory discussions that allow Chile to position itself as a leader in the development of this fuel in the future. It will also allow us to continue building a better planet for future generations.