22 March 2021 Experiencia y Trayectoria

Circular economy: How Molynor revalued more than 100 tons of waste in Antofagasta

Our Antofagasta subsidiary Molynor reached a milestone in our corporate sustainability
strategy for 2020. As part of its adoption of circular economy processes, Molynor managed
to avoid sending 107 tons of waste for final disposal. It achieved this by recovering material
derived from iron, from bulk bags and used batteries. The operation also managed to
recover molybdenite by vacuuming up particles, thereby giving these elements a second

To achieve this milestone, the company had to check all of its waste and study potential
business opportunities. This process required teamwork and, in direct keeping with our
corporate purpose, managed to revert waste into an opportunity. All of this fits with the
overall objective of moving towards reducing waste at the source and integrating these
elements into our value chain.

This action is a true reflection of our corporate purpose and commitment to sustainability,
through which we constantly challenge ourselves to develop initiatives that benefit our
surroundings and balance industrial processes with minimizing environmental impact.