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Native Molybdenite

The Chilean mining vocation is an essential element of this country’s identity. Both small and large entrepreneurs have found an opportunity in the virtues of the Chilean land to develop their activities and, consequently, boost the development of the entire country. Committed to small scale miners, Molymet has created an innovative process whereby producers can concentrate molybdenite and thus, meet the quality requirements for the company to buy that material. This fosters growth by achieving a higher profitability for small scale mining which, due to its size or the amount of impurities found in the material in nature, were not commercially taking into consideration.

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Arsenic removal from copper concentrates

Removing impurities from copper, especially arsenic, which is found in nature in copper concentrates, is one of the ever-growing challenges faced by large scale mining all around the world. Molymet has decided to address it in an innovative manner by developing a new process whereby any material is cleaned and arsenic is removed without affecting the copper quantity and quality. The advantages of this process go beyond just removing impurities from the concentrate since it also brings about the possibility of safely stabilizing the removed arsenic to subsequently dispose of it in accordance with the high environmental standards imposed by the relevant authority.

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