Our company is the global leader and benchmark in the molybdenum and rhenium industry


“To create value for the evolution of humanity through products developed by people who think about the wellbeing of the planet.”

Our commitment to a future sustainable planet means that our products are constantly evolving to ensure that we have the lowest carbon footprint in the market

The carbon footprint of our molybdenum oxide is 60% lower than the industry average according to official IMOA (International Molybdenum Association) data.

We prioritize sustainability
with people who think
about the planet

Since 1994, we have invested US$242 million in projects to reduce SO2 emissions and concentrations. By 2022 our emissions were 82% lower than required by our environmental permits.

We are also investing US$60 million in upgrading MolymetNos’ gas treatment plants which means we will voluntarily reduce our existing emissions to 40% of our permit requirements in this subsidiary.

Our processes take care of natural resources

Over the last 15 years we have been working to lower our consumption of water resources.

By 2023, three renewable energy generation projects will come on stream. This will increase our renewable energy consumption by 17%.

Today, 3 of our 5 plants generate zero liquid waste which represents 85% of our production capacity.

We constantly anticipate
future industry standards as our products evolve

Molymet has the most extensive range of industrial processes for converting molybdenite - from copper
mining - into commercial quality molybdenum and rhenium products.

We constantly invest and innovate in our processes to ensure the product qualities our customers will require in the future. In 2022,we invested US$ 10,2 million used in innovation and in 2023, we will invest US$ 8,6 million.

We create products that contribute to the evolution of humanity and the planet

Globally, molybdenum and rhenium are metals of high strategic value due to their valuable technological applications and the significant role they play in advancing environmental care, urban development, mega construction and alloys which are safer, more efficient and longer-lasting.

We are driven
by our purpose

In 2018 we began a collaborative and progressive process of discovering, articulating, activating and internalizing our company purpose.

To strengthen our relationship with our employees we have, since 2021, been using the Labour Relations Index (LRI) to concretely define our actions and measure improvement. Our commitment is to increase this index by 10 points by 2030.

In 2019 we declared our purpose to be “To create value for the evolution of humanity, through products developed by people who think about the well-being of the planet.

Since 2022 we have assessed ourselves with the Purpose Strength Model© methodology to continuously internalize and embed our purpose.

We go out of our way to be the best neighbors we can be in our communities

In 2022,we invested 0,4% of our profits in projects and actions that enhance community well-being.

We were the first Chilean company to protect an organically cultivated area of 123 hectares, ensuring the conservation of this environmental heritage for our community.

Sustainability is rooted in our corporate governance

We voluntarily measure ourselves against the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) and the Stakeholders Sustainability Index (SSIndex).
We have board sessions dedicated to addressing sustainability issues.
Since 2021, our board has received advice on how to evaluate its effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement.
Our board has a diversity of expertise and 40% are independent directors.
We have implemented an ethical whistleblowing channel to ensure independence and confidentiality.

Message to
our stakeholders

In 2022 we had very good results which translated into a positive impact for our stakeholders.
Some time ago, we began to reflect on our reason for being and the difference we make in the world. This reflection led to us co-constructing our company Purpose which has since been transformed into a guide for viewing all our strategic decisions and against which we can analyze whether we are adding value and what we ought to do.
We know that sustainabilty and our business model go hand in hand. This is why the only way forward is to manage responsibly - not only to add value to our stakeholders but also to help position Molymet and its subsidiaries as global market leaders. We want to demonstrate our authentic concern for the challenges companies face today – both at our productive plants and interms of a solid governance model that will allow us to lead and implement initiatives and follow up on strategic issues related to the sustainability of our company.
Today, our Purpose has materialized into tangible actions and goals – to the extent that we have already reached 80% implementation of our Corporate Sustainability Strategy. Meanwhile, with our 2030 Sustainability Agenda, we aim to fulfill clear commitments related to renewable energy consumption.
We made good progress with measuring scope 3 of our organizational carbon footprint and measuring the carbon footprint by product. In this respect, we achieved really positive results, bringing our company below the industry average.
Then, we have been moving forward with several projects in parallel. Among these, would like to highlight the finalization of phase 1 of our MolymetNos modernization project where, up to now,we have invested US$ 278 million. This project will lead to us voluntarily lowering our SO2 emissions to 40% below the current permissions in effect, by 2025. Other projects which will positively impact the environment, relate to generation of renewable energy - like the photovoltaic projects at our corporate and R&D buildings and the windmill energy project at Molymet Belgium which will come into operation during 2023. These will allow us to grow our renewable energy consumption by about 17%.
Our clients know with assurance that we constantly anticipate future industry standards as our products evolve, while being gentle on natural resources.
As part of our company focus, we have moved forward with the internalization of our Purpose, measuring our performance against the Purpose Strength Model®. The results have been pleasing, showing that we are close to or above the benchmark of companies that are part of the knowledge base. For us, people are at the centre of our management, which is why we are also making progress in the development of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy; implementation of action plans related to the Labour Relations Index; and the development of our Training and Learning Strategy - all of which will enable us to guarantee development of sustainable leadership and a culture to support our employees with pension and retirement matters at all stages of their lives.
John Graell - CEO - Molymet

Our clients know with assurance that we constantly anticipate future industry standards as our products evolve, while taking care of natural resources.

In keeping with our commitment to our communities, we have begun to develop a Social Investment and Community Outreach Strategy to further strengthen engagement with them.
For me, it is with satisfaction and pride that I present to you this, our 5th Sustainability Report corresponding to the 2022 financial year. It reports on the progress on different initiatives we have proposed to achieve a sustainable business model and shows our conviction to respond to a society that expects even more from companies when it comes to taking responsibility for their environmental and social impacts – in this way we are also faithful to our Purpose of “creating value for the evolution of humanity through products developed by people who think about the well-being of the planet.”
John Graell
Molymet ́s CEO

Our Productive Subsidiaries

MolymetNos, San Bernardo, RM, Chile.
Molynor, Mejillones, Antofagasta, Chile.
Molymex, Cumpas, Sonora, Mexico.
Molymet Belgium, Ghent, Belgium.
Molymet Germany, Bitterfeld, Germany.

Our non-molybdenum Subsidiaries

Inmobiliaria San Bernardo S.A., San Bernardo, RM, Chile.
Carbomet Energía S.A., Puente Alto, RM, Chile.

Our Commercial Offices

Molibdenos and Metales, Chile.
Molymet Corporation, United States.
Molymet do Brasil, Brazil.
Molymet Beijing TC, China.
Molymet Services Ltd, England.

Our Corporate Company

Molibdenos and Metales S.A.
On 01 January 2022, Molymet separated the ownership of its production plant and the corporate area (both located in San Bernardo) incorporating a new company with the name of MolymetNos S.A. into the holding company.


“To create value for the evolution of humanity, through products developed by people who think about the well-being of the planet”.


We are working to streng then our global position in the molybdenum and rhenium markets through flexible processing capacity, innovative process optimization and the search for new business opportunities in strategic metals.




Recognition and Awards


April: Molymex was awarded third place in the 2022 national company ranking of Best Workplace for Women in Mexico.
July: Molymet was recognized with the SSIndex Seal which positioned us above the average of companies participating in the index.
October: MolymetNos was awarded first place for Operational Excellence in the Metals Sector, KAIZENTM Awards Chile 2021/22
December: ASIQUIM (Association of Chemical Industries of Chile) recognized MolymetNos with a Responsible Care 2022 Award in the category “Community engagement and emergency response”. Project: “Integrated water resource management with the community: Implementation of the education, awareness and cleaning program for ditches and canals in the San Bernardo community.“
July: Molymex was awarded second place as one of the most innovative companies in Mexico - Great Culture of Innovation and Expansion.
October: Our Vice President of Corporate and Legal Affairs made the GC Power List, joining a prestigious group of top lawyers worldwide.
November: MolymetNos received an Inspiring Academy Award in the category “Educational Social Impact” Project: “The Power of Emotions” Program in the Clara Solovera and Padre Alberto Hurtado Educational Centres in San Bernardo Community. Institution: Inspiring Girls Chile.

Certification and Seals

February: The Ministry of Environment awarded us HuellaChile certification for quantifying our 2021 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions at Molynor.
June: MolymetNos received ISO/IEC 17025-2017 accreditation by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation.
July: Molymex received the seal for carbon footprint calculation of scope 1, 2 and 3 carried out by the company PROYECTAE.
July: The Ministry of Environment awarded MolymetNos certification for quantifying their carbon footprint.
July: Molynor received ISO 50001:2018 Energy certification from SGS Certification SpA.
October: Molynor received Responsible Care Management System certification, valid for 3 years at level 2.
Molymex received the Socially Responsible Company seal awarded by the Mexican Centre for Philanthropy for the 12th consecutive year.

Alliances and associations