Mensaje del Presidente Ejecutivo

Message from our CEO

The disruption of Covid-19 has accelerated the role companies must play in driving positive social impacts. Right now, there is an urgent need to regain trust and this means our challenge of development across the entire industry has become more complex. We need to restore trust at all levels, attract talent, access new forms of financing and meet the highest international standards. This demands a new way of doing business in order to build the society we want and make it sustainable over time.

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John Graell

Molymet 2030 - Agenda de Sustentabilidad

Our Sustainability Agenda contains 12 commitments with specific goals that seek to generate long-term value for our different stakeholders but mainly and directly for our employees, communities and the environment. Indirectly, our sustainable management will benefit our customers who are also looking for suppliers with responsible practices; and our investors who expect the highest standards of quality, integrity, sustainability, and ongoing economic value from us.

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Agenda Estratégica