20 May 2021 Experiencia y Trayectoria

Molymet presents Re imagine Challenge, the first innovation contest in the development of Green Hydrogen using rhenium.

In line with our purpose of “Generating value for the advancement of humanity,” we are launching this Global Open Innovation Challenge as part of the Rhenium Market Development Program, In collaboration with NineSigma.

We kindly invite you to submit proposals for innovative ways to take advantage of the electrochemical properties of rhenium and use it for the manufacturing of hydrogen electrolyzers and/or fuel cells.

This contest aims to promote rhenium’s application in the production and uses of Green Hydrogen, given its excellent electro-catalytic characteristics, costs, and sustainability, compared to the platinum group metals (PGMs) currently used in these systems. Additionally, throughout this innovation call, we aim to contribute to the decarbonization process of world economies.

Participants in this competition vie for up to three USD 20,000. In addition, we may decide to make funding and networks for possible collaboration projects with the Award winners to develop prototypes further.

15 jun webinar
20 aug final submissions
14 oct announce winners
For more information, please visit the Challenge webpage: